Stop Motion Animation

Here I have made a page to catalogue all of my short animated films. They have been made using stop motion animation techniques. You can find more information of the process on the main page. Listed newest to oldest.


Snog – Clockwork Man



 Anchor And The Butterfly – A Lone Star


Abreact – Bomber


The Wildbird – Music by Mark Stone


The Seed – Music by Mark Stone


Square and Circle – Music by Mark Stone






4 comments on “Stop Motion Animation

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  2. Hello Kain, your work is inspiring. With a secondary school aged son with natural pencil sketch and oil on canvas flair, particularly birds/nature/issues, so he can create and grow within this area, may I ask what Olympus SLR model you originally used in conjunction with stopmotionpro and was it basic stopmotion sd or eclipse used? I am keen to search out this camera for a birthday present and look at SMP too for Xmas. Many thanks and good luck! A

    • Hi there. Thanks for the kind feedback. The camera I used is an Olympus E-300. If you were to purchase a camera, I would not recommend this model as they are very old and only take pictures in 4:3 aspect ratio. I have to perform several steps in order to make the animation work using this camera. I have recently purchased a Logitech C920 which was about $150AUD. It is excellent because you can animate in real time. If your pockets were a little deeper I would recommend any Canon SLR camera with “Live view”. Here is the list

      The version of SMP I used is the equivalent of full version Eclipse, but used to be called SMP HD. I would recommend the full version and not SD, as the process of animation is very time consuming and 800x600pixels is not enough.

      I am currently studying to become a secondary teacher so it’s great to hear younger people are interested in stop motion. Hope this info helps you.


  3. Hi Kain. Thank you for getting back to me. This information is so helpful and I will look up a Logitech C920. We all do art in our family (pencils paper that’s it) and struggle with all the technology that young children have access to nowadays as we used to get outdoors with a sketchpad but this is not seen as cool anymore and our son finds himself in the minority. Other 11 year olds prefer to play what dad calls mindcra_ ! Your animations, I note are all your own time and dedication, that takes talent and a good old fashioned ‘Heath Robinson’ approach using own contraptions, another skill. We too get our children to ‘make things’ in garage, it’s good for them technology takes skills away and it dictates to children. We will go with full version SMP and encourage son to continue to draw own animations rather than the now widely available scratch/expresso coding that that anyone can use and have a place of course but it doesn’t celebrate true art and skills which take tolerance and imagination (most Art teacher must struggle with homework that has been cut and pasted instead of hand drawn? I wish you luck with becoming a secondary school teacher and it is so reassuring to know there are still people out there who can influence our children for the good and art remains art rather than printed off computer sheets to colour in in our classrooms. Your work is beautiful, I am glad I found you so our son can look at your work (Monty Python fan too) and know he is not alone and tis might be to his benefit in the long run. I wish you all the very best. A

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